Saturday, January 19, 2013

On The Jade Ball

Well, one of the reason I wouldn't really like to follow tours was that they always take you to the tourist shops, souvenirs, pottery making, silk factory... But heck, we were on our way to the Great Wall *hint:Greatwall pictures flooding the blog soon*, we had a stopover at the largest jade store in the whole of Beijing. I wasn't against visiting such stores.

But I didn't quite like it either.

But looking at 'live performances' would probably be an eye opener. The only question I wondered was, if that water could actually cut through stone in a short perioud of time, does that mean Jade's pretty easily eroded? Hmmm... Or perhaps the water was mixed with some form of chemicals...

And so, I found myself carrying a stone ball with 2 more mini stone ball encapsuled inside. Interesting souvenir, representing family unity. I'd have get a bigger one but budget's a bit tight at that point in time, so it was a mini ball.

Funny how I had the fear that the tiny 'bridges' would break. But being jade, I was told they wouldn't unless one perpetually throw it to the floor. So yay! Still, I wrapped it in like, gazillion layers of tissue paper while on my way back. LOL.

If you were wondering, yes the first picture was this huge room divider made entirely out of Jade.

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