Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On Beijing in Photos #04 - 状元

In the feudal China, the nationwide examinations enabled a successful candidate good life as government officer. And the guy who scored the first place would be called 状元 (zhuang yuan). As time evolved, the term has been used to call whoever who get good grades in exam. When I was young, Mummy as the Mandarin teacher would write this proverb - 行行出状元, meaning there'd always be a first place in any field. And my siblings and I had been taught to work hard to be the top.

So when we were in the Confucian Temple, this ancient plague caught buddy's attention.

Buddy: How come your Mama didn't get you one of these?

Me: Cuz I'm not one?

Buddy: But you're a doctor. That means something.

Me: A lousy one.

Buddy: *speechless*

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