Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On the Photo-taking inside the Museum

Let's try that in Malaysia and see...

Apparently, according to our rule, NO PHOTOGRAPHY inside the museum.

But there was this other school of thoughts that we could, as long as no flashes involved.

Then again, when I actually went to the National Museum in Singapore, everyone seems to be clicking the speedlights away! Poor artefacts, not sure if they were even real. But considering the museum DID had original paintings from the Lourve and the REAL terracottas from China, I figured these must be REAL borrowed from Ukraine.

I wonder when will Malaysia start doing these kind of displays.

Oh wait... Perhaps we were not trusted.

Then again, there is one thing I'd like to bring up. While I capture these without flashes, there were soooo many KIASU Singapore-lang taking photos with flashes! Apparently the open houses is like, real open house with barbarics acts going on and all.

Just my two cents. Flashes not allowed. Don't sue me.

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