Sunday, October 14, 2012

On the Nike We Run KL 2012

Not sure if the general public would have heard about it. But I suppose the college students who made up more than half of the total runners for the event would know it was a mudbath at the end.

I have not much complains actually. It's just that I thought it was not right for the flag off to be at 5.40 pm when we were told it would be at 5.30pm sharp, later causing much unhappiness amongst our Muslim runners. And I thought it was just not appropriate for the "new" runners to walk hand in hand, causing much hassle to those who really wanna run to zigzag-ed on the road, thank God not twisting their ankles. Let's just not go back to why there were so many college students and university students in the start. But I know yes, true, we can't blame the fact that it was raining and the finishing line placed at Padang Merbok would be wet and soggy, but yes I do think there's something they could do about, perhaps placing cardboard or something. And puh-leaze, let's not get into how unpleasant it was at the finishing line when all the runners had to squeeze through all the muddy fields to get to the designated lane to collect the finishing tee. Oh oh! And a friend was actually complaining how inappropriate of the organizer to start distributing mineral water at the finishing line where all the runners are having human-jam for security reasons, although I begged to differ. But yea, I think there were some security reasons along the route, some part of the route in front of Sheraton was just too narrow to run! And to have water station there?! It was like 8 lanes of cars jamming into one lane during the police road block. But thank goodness I was running light I didn't have to stand in the mudpit waiting for my numbers to be called to collect my baggage for 3 whole hours after completing the run.

So yeah. I wasn't complaining really.

I thought we were just a bunch of people who loves to make hoo-ha and not look at how great a job the organizer did. Which, other than the ample water stations, albeit not all are needed, are maybe the dancers and cheerleaders along the route.

Oh oh! And the runners! Gosh. 15,000 runners. The first time I saw 3 runners fainting in any running event. 

Who they are you may ask?

College/university students.

But good job Nike!

The entertainment at the end was not bad really! Although I was somewhere in Yuen stuffing on shrimps and gulping down cholesterol. LMAO!

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joshua said...

yup, totally hate the muddy surface at the finisher tee collection.
i felt so dirty and couldnt be bothered with the entertainment and just went home.