Friday, September 28, 2012

On Getting Sea-Sick in Pha-Nga

Yes yes. I had sea-sick when we were on this cruise in Pha-Nga Bay. Perhaps it was the hangover from the booze the night prior. But it was still managable. I didn't vomit. LOL.

Pha-Nga was different. It was still pretty much sea and island. But I didn't get to play with the water. Boo. Not that we can't. Some other ang-mohs just jumped from the cruise boat. But I was well... seasick! LOL.

The granites in the national park was nice. But to call them amazing was... Maybe I've seen that of similar in Langkawi? LOL. I bet Halong would be the same too. Ha-ha. Not that I've been there before, but yeah, Hanoi's the next destination.

So Pha-Nga. We went canoeing as well. Well. No paddling for me though. Hah. We had some Thais doing that for us.

Went into the caves.

And then out in the open...

Finally headed to the infamous James Bond Island. Erm. James Bond Rock more like it.

And that was it. The end of my 4 days in Phuket.

Now now... Guess I'll be heading to next? Hee-hee...

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Agnes said...

The cruise is much bigger than before, we ride on a smaller boat like the one next to it many years ago. Nothing much to see there except the rocks..:D