Thursday, September 06, 2012

On the Cannonball Lesions

During exit round one day, the MOs were all excitedly talking about some lesions here and there, guessing where would it all arise from and all. I was wondering what and who were they referring to and all, but I didn't actually bother asking as I was, well... basically lazy.

And then amongst the HOs, we were looking at our list and I exclaimed, "Ooooh! New case! What is this about?"

The MO who was earlier on excited about some X-ray turned his laptop screen around and showed me, "This."

The first thing I said was, "OMG, is that cancer?"

Everyone laughed. At my first remark that was.

And yes, we did work out later on down the week that she had cancer. Final stage as well. Palliative medicine was consulted, and she died the following week at home.