Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On the Wonder Fall

One of the "Free" features in Marina Bay Sands is actually the musical fountain in front of the shopping complex in the sea. Note: Free. LOL.

So every night, there is this scheduled free show in the promenade area where water would be used as a canvas with lights and laser and powerful sound system and (occasionally, not all the time) fire, adding some oomph to the show. It's just about 15 minutes. And I actually don't quite get it.

Started with some baby. And then baby crawling. And the little girl playing with bubbles. And school children running in sports day. Then if not mistaken old men. =.=" I mean, well... kinda erm. meaningless. Or rather, perhaps I do not get the meaning of the whole show anyways.

First time seeing it was not bad.

But the second time I saw it...

Let's just say it's good for the first timer. LOL

3 Jujus:

foongpc said...

So it's not impressive?

TZ said...

i saw this kind of musical fountain in Disneyland California... they projected the image of the Disney cartoon onto the sprinkles of water curtain... it's impressive when i first saw it.

I wanna to go and watch this when i'm in Singapore eh~

Twilight Man said...

I think it was a spectacular show and Singapore is always out to impress with latests variations.