Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On iLight Marina Bay Displays

So this is actually what I had been posting about for erm... the last one month? LOLOLOLOL! Yes, it was backdated. Probably because life is sooooooooo dull and boring now I have nothing to blog about and this seems to be the highlight for the last 4 months or so. LOL.

And this is one of the biggest I have seen in the show. Some artists light up some container and stack them up like Lego and well... No, I do not know what was the rationale. LOL. But I find it grand. That's all. LOL.

And in one of that containers we saw this. Yeah I know right! I feel like wanna go in and touch that thing! LOL

Further down on the other side of the bay, there was another one... But of course, this one I went up and touch, and it was actually solid. Just that the lights were projected onto its surface to give it a 3D feel... I mean well, it already is 3D isn't it? LOL

This one is quite pretty. LEDs ceiling. Would be awesome if it's on the narrow walkway, like the one in Penang. Erm. Outside one of the club thing. LOL!

Okay these are probably the last few photos I have from the even anyways. LOL

2 Jujus:

Twilight Man said...

I think the light displays are nice.

Time to get new photos after Phuket trip yeaaaahh! Enjoy!

Small Kucing said...

phot 4 reminds me of one of Wang Lee Hom's music video