Saturday, May 12, 2012

On the University Outstanding Balance

Was checking my account in UM the other day. Just wanted to check if I have cleared the remaining 40Rm from the extra 2 days stay in the hostel, I remembered the staff at the hostel asked me to clear it one week after I moved out.

But guess what was my biggest shock?

Walaaaoooo... Grad already still wanna charge me another semester? Bugger. Like that also can?! I know I am supposed to be proud of my university, but with this kind of administration, how could I still be?

Bugger 5th year still wanna charge me microscope fee. Not like I've ever entered the lab after my 2nd year...

Wrote to the bursary in quite an angry tone... Waiting for their reply...

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Tempus said...

oo all public universities have this kinda problems i guess?

tsk tsk tsk, people do say your university is kinda over-rated this days, unlike mine being under-rated XD