Monday, May 28, 2012

On Colors in the Eye of Two Genders

It took me a while to actually get this picture.

And only later then did I know it meant males actually see colours as it is. Bur females rather, see colors is so many different shades!

I mean, at most Blue to me are Dark Blue and Light blue... who'd have thought there are Teal and Turquoise... And all the shades of green after different plants? Or that there are Banana yellow and Lemon yellow... @.@

But of course, this isn't to mean all the females are of such. I know there would definitely be some guys who mind a lot, what color they're getting. Perhaps to some, name of the different shades of colors just don't matter as much. I know for sure, my sister would have thought Turquoise is the same as light blue, like I do. So much for growing up in the same family eh?

3 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

OL...true true

JokerPJ said...

No no, lemon yellow, banana yellow, cadmium yellow, canary yellow, daffodil yellow, electric yellow and etc etc~ So many different kind of colours!
How can you just generalize them??? its like calling all asian korean or japanese or chinese, or to say that all chinese are from china, or singaporean chinese are malaysia's chinese's begotten son?

*breath in*breath out*


Danny said...

but horr... we work in design line must now all the differences of the colors la.. small shade make swhole lot of difference :)
i personally like turquoise, lilac and olive green :)