Saturday, February 04, 2012

On Picking Sister-in-Law

Me: Bro broke up with his previous girlfriend already is it?

Mum: Yeah...

Me: So now he's with the other girl?

Mum: IS HE?

Me: I don't know! I thought you'd know. I saw all his photos were taken with that girl. I mean a lot. And some are like, only the two of them...

Mum: Haha. He didn't tell me ler...

Me: She looks pretty too. I kinda like her. She gives very friendly and approachable impression, very humble looking and down to earth, I think.

Mum: But your brother didn't say anything. He just told me they're very good friends.

Me: I kinda prefer this one, compared to the previous one.

Mum: Whoa, are you choosing sister-in-law now?

Me: Well, she's gotta be someone all of us can get along with right? You don't agree with my impression of this girl?

Mum: True... This one is pretty friendly.

Sis: You ah, busybody... When's your turn?

Me: So where are we going ah?


4 Jujus:

LittleLamb said...

hahaha no hurry la. take ur time so that u can find the right gal. maybe some sexy

Small Kucing said...

very fast change topic ah you LOL

Tempus said...

harh you have to be really careful when things like this are being discussed. you must know how to diverge the spotlight XD

kaka said...

grrr.... hate the girlfriend conversation