Thursday, February 09, 2012

On the Open Ticket

Honestly... I postponed my working.

Which is why I'm still at home. And when the relatives were asking, I kept mentioning I'm unemployed. Mum and Dad would say "CHOI!" Every single time. I kept my return ticket open, as in, I haven't even got any tickets to go back to KL. It's not like I'm moving back here. I still have my loads of shirts that I wear daily over in peninsular. Just that, I guess I haven't had enough fun.

Aunt: Whoa! Open ticket. So good ah.

Medie: Wanna have fun first.

Aunt: Walao. Not bored? How long have you been holidaying?

Medie: Like... erm... a few months...

Mum: Half a year already!

And the conversation would drift on to the pay as a doctor. =.="

Aunt: Nevermind la... Next time work 2 or 3 months can cover d.

Mum: If only he goes back to work!

Medie: =.="

1 Jujus:

Danny said...

err.. 6 months holiday?
hmm.. u can tahan horr?
all the best :)