Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BKK: Wat Saket

So I was doing some reading while I was uploading my photos of this temple just across the river from the Loha Prasat.

Built by King Rama I just outside the new city walls, the late-18th century temple served as the capital's crematorium. During the following 100 years, the temple became the dumping ground for some 60,000 plague victims.

*blink blink*

Graveyards. Along the staircase.

Now only I remember...

There were names and photos engraved along the hill. And it's a pity I didn't snap any photos of the dead... The nearest that I had, literally, was of the bellfry.

Muahaha. Perhaps if I did the photo would turn out all black. *ahem* I had one later in my trip. Spoooookeeeeyyyyyy....