Sunday, February 12, 2012

BKK: Wat Bowonniwetwiharn Ratchaworawiharn

We came out from our guesthouse in Khao San Road and headed north after our breakfast. We had no idea what temple it was that appeared along the way. But the chedi/stupa was huge. So we went in to have a look. Little did we know, it is actually a major Buddhist temple (wat) in Phra Nakhon district, Bangkok.

The temple is a center of Thammayut Nikaya school of Thai Theraveda Buddhism and has been a major temple of patronage for the Chakri dynasty, meaning, the royal family visits this temple. *whoa!*

And so, post-mortem on the net revealed that it is the shrine-hall of Phra Putthachinasi (พระพุทธชินสีห์) which was moulded in about 1357.

What made me proud was, the temple is where many royal princes studied and served their monkhood, including King Bhumidol.

Lonely Planet didn't mention that? LOLOLOL!

The perks of walking and not joining any tour. Woots!

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Naomi said...

Wow u know so much by askinhg around or thr r signs?