Saturday, January 28, 2012

On the Emerging Drinker

LMAO. As if you readers haven't know that I drink. LOL. But yea, the family members haven't; especially the cousins. So when Cousin brother served this Australian wine and everyone else in my family declined, I took one and drank my share, to my Mum's shock.

Surprisingly, it was smoother than I thought. Wine has never been my forte. But the wine that cousin brother served was pretty nice. All in all, I gulped Dad's. And had another glass poured while we were sitting in the kitchen.

And one final glass just before we left in one gulp.

Cousin brother: Wow. Good ah, can drink. No need to worry already. Finally become a man.

Sis: He got dimples one... Back in KL always drink.

Cousin brother: Oh really? Want some more? I got Gin and Whisky!

My eyes lighted up. But we were leaving then. Dad was tired already. LOL

5 Jujus:

[SK] said...

in between a drinker and an alcoholic~~ :p

Tempus said...

wine for the win! never liked anything else other than that.

reanaclaire said...

Once reached 21 years of age, can drink liow.. hahaha... yam sing!!

ZT said...

People with dimples good in alcohol? haha, i have....n i m good in drinking as well:)

Bengbeng said...

we must have a drink together some day preferably away from the disapproving eyes of Mrs BB who thinks even Shandy is alcohol. I have a reasonable tolerance for alcohol and enjoy good wine but i dont like beer