Thursday, January 26, 2012

On Ang Pow From IJN

We were at one of the cousin's new house. At the age of 25, I didn't actually expect red packets from all the uncles and aunties and cousins alike anymore. But well... if they do give, I would take for sure. LOL.

So cousin sister came by and gave sis and I a red packet each.

Me: Oooooh thank you thank you!

Cousin: IJN one you know?

Me: Waaaaa... Niceeee....

Showed Mum the packet and she was like, "See! People look so highly of you!"

I was like... *shy*

In case you haven't know, IJN stands for Institut Jantung Negara, the National Heart Institute which serves as the hub for the treatment of medical condition, operable or not, related to the heart.

4 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

s...IJN also have angpau packets ah.

[SK] said...

I got 7 angpows during the gathering with old schoolmates.. so why reject when ppl give right?? :p

Tempus said...

kembang la kembang~~~ ijn pulak tu..

Danny said...

waa.. give angpow oso got double meaning one ahh?
but i have to give credits to ijn for the design.. very modern n not cina at all :)
( can copy for my next year cny ;p )