Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BKK: Wat Phra Kaew วัดพระแก้ว Photoshoot

It's huge. Honestly. And it's beautiful. Seriously.

But also cluttered. That's for sure. But that is what makes it so special.

Photoshooting in The Temple of the Emerald Buddha was just plain... difficult. I couldn't get any nice angle to capture the images I've wanted without either 1) Other tourists standing at the spot where I wanted it to be empty. 2) Getting the entire stupa from the base to the tip into my camera frame.

But still, we did went around inside the temple, and I was pretty sure we spent almost more than a couple of hours walking around and around the main structures inside the temple.

After all, we were waiting for time to pass as we wanted to sign up for the free English tour to the temple.

The thing is, what is so amazing about this temple was, personal thought, it was unique. You've got buildings of different architectures assembled in one compound. The Lanna style, the Khmer's and the well, typical Thai. Or somewhat. And there was actually a replica of Angkor Wat (which I didn't take photo of. D'ong). Therefore, even after 3 or 4 rounds around the temple, I still find little amazing details or angles that I had probably missed earlier.

The down side, other than being too cluttered, all the buildings were tall. And somehow, all the photos turned to be like, somehow they were just not straight-looking. Been trying to adjust the photo by the degrees using Photoshop, and cropping away all the edges and so forth, but I still couldn't get them to 'stand straight'!

Look at that! *stomp feet* I've adjusted twice already. The more I rotate it, the more I'd be cropping it and the smaller the photo would become!

I've given up though. Or else I couldn't even proceed further and would still be editing photos from Wat Phra Kaew.


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Twilight Man said...

Your photos are beautiful and attractive. I like the 3rd one BEST as no one ever taken at this angle. Got meh??

Medie007 said...

hehehe... thank you thank you! :D

[SK] said...

i like this place very much!! spent half a day there "camwhoring" till i have no time for other places, haha~~ :D

Gratitude said...

Oh I just love the mythical Garudas in gold! ^^

Medie007 said...

Me you. Can't get enough