Thursday, December 29, 2011

On the Family Matters

And so, I managed to spend a full one week with the parents and the sister without needing to worry about studies or them with their work. For once. It was the most pleasure experience I believe, for everyone. It had been forever since we ever felt this way. And I was talking non-stop in the bus all the way from KL to Singapore. And all the time in Singapore. And all the way from Singapore back to KL.

Me: Wah. Didn't know I so talkative.

Mum: Yalor. Now only you talk so much.

Me: Make me realize last time I was so quiet.

Mum: Yealar! Ask a bit more already got angry.

Me: Gosh, I was so stressed back then!

Sis: Now only you know. Everytime you came back you were with this angry looking face, wanna ask you stuff also don't dare.

Me: Haha. Stress mar...

Mum: But also need to talk more. We are after all, your family.

Me: But lazy to talk mar.

Sis: First time I ever heard people who is lazy to talk.

Me: Too many things to worry about, therefore lazy to talk.

Mum: When you start work I suppose it'll be back to the stress-induced-laziness?

Me: Hahahaha. Ok la I promise I'll call more often.

Let's see to that.

And that trip made me realized something, nothing beats and breaks the bond of a family. Love you Pa, Ma... And Sis, and Bro...

2 Jujus:

Tempus said...

I'd rather no talk to my family at times, at least not to my mum or elder sis. too autocratic.

plus, its not like they'd ever understand my stand anyway.

at least ur barrier with ur family ain't that thick.

Gratitude said...

Yalor, terrible Mr. Pouty!