Saturday, December 31, 2011

On the 2011 Round-up

2011 was heck of a year! Turn and turmoil. Trips and Travel. Joy and depression. But alas. I made it to the 31st of December 2011! YAY! Hopefully I'll be waking up tomorrow healthy and well.

I'd summarized everything 2011 in 2 main graphs. That of the stress level. And that of the emotional level.

Many of you who follow this blog would've known that I sorta fell into major depression (albeit not a clinical depression) and live in highly-stressed state in preparation for the Final Exams. And yeah, the graphs sort of go beyond the paper because, well... they're beyond what words and figures could describe. LOL!

So if you could actually see the two of them together, you could actually deduce that well... I'm finally liberated from medical school (at least for the time being) and "jobless" towards the end of the year. I was able to slowly crawl out of sadness and mourning after a month or so, but still remain pretty low for the following 5 months.

And that brings in another table, which is also one of my life-long passion (though I'm not so sure I could actually experience it anymore in the near future). Travel and trips. Due to the unfit to travel in June, I had to postpone a lot of my traveling overseas towards the end of the year. I do know that many wouldn't consider Singapore as "overseas". But as long as passport is required, it's overseas to me. And so you could see, December was my big break! Wee!

Otherwise, numerous trips and road trips were made throughout the whole year for multiple purposes, i.e. running events.

And that brings me to another chart: My Addiction.

Joined 17 running events with 5 half marathons and the rest 10kms or 12kms; ran a total of 219km, which was a major feat compared to last year. But failed to run in the 1st Bangkok International Half Marathon due to the postponement of the even when the flooding didn't allow the run to continue; as well as the Malakoff 12km Run and MMU 10km Run due to my traveling. But then again, I'm happy enough and I sure do hope next year would be great.


Family had been in good shape throughout the year.

Maintained, if not getting closer to some friends; but isolated myself from quite a handful as well.

Financial wasn't in the picture just as yet, with Daddy still sponsoring; but Lillian Too predicted a poor financial status for the year 2012 for me. Boohoo.

Health wise, I'm glad I didn't got admitted to a hospital just as yet. Though there were numerous colds and fevers throughout the year.

So yeah. That's pretty much about my C.O.L.O.U.R.F.U.L year in 2011. How about yours?

Before I forget...

Happy New Year 2012!

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reanaclaire said...

Happy New Year and all the best to you, Jason!!

Cally Choo said...

New Year!

ZT said...

Haha, of course Singapore is considered an oversea country....

Undeniable that ur life is really COLOURFUL, with a lot of challenges...

May you have a happy starting for this 2012 New Year, and stay healthy Medie:)

Small Kucing said...

Happy New Year...May the graph for year 2012 be better. Less stress and more travel :)

Borneo Falcon said...

Have a great year ahead!