Monday, November 07, 2011

On the Unwatched Movie

Was clearing my wallet and I came across this movie ticket.

So who wanna go for a free movie? All expenses paid. LMAO!

A close friend wasn't able to make it because his car tyre punctured just as he was about to leave home. And so, we've got one more extra ticks.

4 Jujus:

[SK] said...

well, maybe donate that to Cathay Cineleisure Museum~~ :p

reanaclaire said...

All expenses paid? for the movie or for the transport as well? :) oh, that was a long-ago ticket? hehehe... frame it up..

Small Kucing said...

err....inclusive of time travel or not?

TZ said...

It happen in July... but felt like it was ages ago.