Saturday, November 26, 2011

On the Travelogue - Vincent Urban In Asia

Came across this really interesting freelance film-maker Vincent Urban from Germany, who came to South East Asia last year, and made a travelogue from their travelling.

In Fall 2010, Stefan, Clemens and I were traveling through South East Asia for 2 months. We shipped Stefan's Landrover to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then drove up through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Of course, Clemens and I brought our little DSLRs to capture every great moment of this memorable journey.

I have always admired those who are free-spirited, taking long breaks from lives and just travel far far away. Spend as much time moving around, and never getting tied to a place. I crave to learn new things all the time. I do, always crave to travel, and fly off, and be away...

But alas, I suppose I wasn't cut out for that.

Check out his In Asia's first episode: Kuala Lumpur.

That is, if your bandwith allows. These are really great short movies, very moving and inspiring.

For other videos, check out his Vimeo site.

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Clayden L. said...

awesome video! i think i wanna make one too. hahaha

Small Kucing said...

mine too slow :(

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Lithuania!

Gratitude said...
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Gratitude said...

This is also my dream, albeit under more comfy travel conditions! lolz

Anonymous said...


I hope someone can help me. One of my friends photo was featured on this noodle stall in Melaka, Mee Rebus Stall to be more precise in Travelogue 2011. He wasn't aware until his friends saw his face featured on travelogue - Episode 1on our local tv channel.

He himself has not seen it and I wish to help him find the video clip. But, I dont know how to go about doing it.

Can someone please help?