Sunday, October 16, 2011

On the Handmade Footwear

So there was this one shop in Jonker Street in Malacca where another disappearing art is still preserved. Maybe the ONLY shop in the whole country, or the entire region, or in fact, maybe the whole world!

"Because I bound my own feet, I could manipulate them more gently until the bones were broken. Young bones are soft, and break more easily," said Wang Lifen, 79 years old from Liuyicun, a village in Southern China's Yunnan province. [read more here.]

It is a banned practice in China since 1912, hence, it's an dying art. If that's happening in China where it's originally from, do you think it'll survive in Malaysia?

But yes of course! Went down to Malacca and saw this hundred year old shop surviving through 3 generations. But of course, no one's gonna mutilate their foot like that anymore now. This is now bought as gifts. After all, how often do you get to see these lotus shoes?

Other than the lotus shoes, we also saw beaded sandals on display.

Read more about the bound feet shoes here.

3 Jujus:

Danny said...

just enlarge the miniature shoe by 10 times.. then it can be another pair of GAGA footwear ;p

Small Kucing said...

and its not cheap also

[SK] said...

it definitely looks nice from the outside, but looking at how the twisted feet actually look is rather horrible..