Monday, October 31, 2011

On the Dragon's Lair @ 1MontKiara

I fancy mass huge-ass decorations in conjunction with some festivals or celebrations and stuff in the malls.

Gotta say this new mall tucked in the highly populated neighbourhood of Mont Kiara get away with pretty cool Halloween decorations. Unlike the ones in e@Curve (which I didn't blog about) with all the tombstones and zombies and comical deaths looming, 1 Mont Kiara actually came up with...

castle gate



First saw all the decorations about a couple weeks back. Was kinda surprised to see the huge dragon then. But I didn't go in to find out more as to what were sold in booths. I'm sure they were just pretty much the same stuff.


Witch's hat. Wand. Brooms.

Gooey masks. "Scream".

Eyeballs. Gooey greenish sticky slimey stuff.

Spiders and cobwebs.

Devil's horns. And that red whatever stick with 3 forks on top.

Bla bla you get the drift.

So anyways...

Didn't quite see the connections between Dragons and Halloween. But who cares. The children loves it I suppose.

Or maybe Dave Nuku (one of the trainer in The Biggest Loser Asia) did too. LOL.

I just thought the dragon's eye at the billboard out front was wicked! XD

That's really creative! AWESOMENESS!

3 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

i guess tonight you'll be hanging out there ya. SUre to have party

[SK] said...

dare to be different!! like!! especially that big eye deco at their entrance, cool..

Twilight Man said...

Wah! I have not been there for so long! I must go today!