Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On the 50 Cents Coins

Many a time, when we pay for our parking tickets in the payment booth, we would pay the exact amount. But some times, we just don't have sufficient small change right? So when it's RM3 and the smallest note you have in the wallet is RM10, you could only hope the machine accepts the note. But not most of the time, you get the change in paper notes. And there are a few machines that I've came across returning the change in 50 cents coins.

Many would've frowned upon it. But I took it as it is. After all, the feel of these heavy coins felt good. Imagine having a small pouch containing these coins. Just like in the medieval times. LOL.

Anyways, it's the month of October. And we know what's in the air. German beers. German sausages. German erm... man? LOL. Wonder if there'd be the rush for the RM1 beer again this year. Now now, who's up for some erm, crowded loud get-together by the 'lakeside'-i.e.drain-side?

Speaking of which, Hoegaarden 2 years back and Hoegaarden now. How time has passed and how we've evolved. I mean... How we've grown. LOL.

3 Jujus:

[SK] said...

yay, pay your beers and sausages with those 50-sen coins~~ they'd love it!!: p

Small Kucing said...

my sister and me pernah pay toll with 5sens coins :p. The cheras toll la. 50se mah..gave the fella all 5 sens coins :p

Gratitude said...

Seriously, I hatez 1U because of those darned outdated machines that spew 50cts coins.