Thursday, September 01, 2011

On Washing the Window

Sis's place is high... Like, very high. Mum had asked that she have some grills attached at the window of the room where I'm sleeping in, because she's so scared something might happen... i.e. me falling out of the window... But we didn't, because I love them bare...

So last last lasssttttt (sometimes ago) weekend, she told me she washed my window while I was at school. And she took 4 whole hours to clean 3 panels of glass window, which, usually, wouldn't even take more than 20 minutes, if it's on a ground floor, or if there are grills, like those in her room.

She said she was standing one meter away from the window, and was washing them with the help of a long wooden stick. I'm assuming she used the mop.

20th floor... Scarrrryyyyy... Thank goodness I don't sleep walk.

2 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

wei...memang scary leh...I read also feel scared. Put grille la. Cantnese say "em par yan mann, jui par mann yat"

Twilight Man said...

My previous condo at 13th floor also had bare windows so that I could enjoy the Twin Tower and Genting Highlands view.