Friday, September 16, 2011

On the Traditional Treatment vs Western Medication

Oral ulcers. Any clinics would've just give you the oral aid that looked like an eye-drop. They're thick liquids, and numbed the lips upon application. And after a while, you started to taste the oral aid. You might like it, you might not. Whenever I have oral ulcers, this is the only thing I thought of.

But it wasn't until someone told me to use Watermelon powder instead. Chinese medication, powder form, tasted like chinese medication-ish. He said it works wonder. I doubted at first. But this time, since we were just nearby a pharmacy, I got one for myself.

Got to admit it wasn't as easy as it looked. Had to try a few times and messed up the sink before finally got a method I was comfortable with.

And guess what, it really works! Ulcer pain decreased tremendously. And the diffuse pattern of the thinning superficial mucosa finally narrowed to just a few spots that are too thin to be saved, where they just break and formed the ulcers.

In simpler words, the powder worked wonders!

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ZT said...

The watermelon powder has spray form type. My father's favourite- it can treat sore throat as well.

Western medicine wise, maybe you can try bonjela or soragel (brand name), which normally used for my patients here, they are watergel-formed. My colleagues commented that they work wonderfully on their mouth ulcers and so do my patients' ulcer heal fast.

Small Kucing said...

Used the watermelon powder. Hate the taste

savante said...

Watermelon powder! That's new. Must try next time.

Fable said...

Am I the only one who like the taste? LoL. Oh u got this type! Find those flat toothpick (not modern type) and scoop some of those powder and apply on ulcer. Less mess. :)

WV: menneat

foongpc said...

I have never tried this watermelon powder! But I use the lingzhi (ganoderma lucidum) powder which is very effective : )

Tempus said...

Xi Guar Xuang for the win!!!! Used it since the day I was born with ulcers. But I found out using salt can also achieve similar, or better results, minus the excruciating process.

Or, just simply use hot soup to freaking kill those bacties.

Either way, pain is present.

wizard said...

watermelon frost is made by adding sodium sulphate inside a watermelon.

Twilight Man said...

When watermelon powder does not work, the victim should start taking Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it works too! Guarantee dei!