Thursday, September 29, 2011

On the Sam Poh Tong

Actually this is a very delayed post. But yeah anyways... Since we were in Taiping for the half marathon, might as well. But no, it's definitely not during the same trip. Yeah. Whatever. Like it mattered. I think my habit of scheduling posts has got all my dates jumbled up. Which means I could no longer traced the sequence of events like how I could in the past. But yeah. Whatever.

During this trip actually, we went to Sam Poh Tong.

So it's actually discovered in 1912, and has since then been developed by the Buddhist community. Today it's a well known tourist spot.

But I'm actually more intrigued with the landscaped garden outside the temple, which was awarded the "Best Landscaped Garden" in Malaysia in 1993. It lives up to the award after all these years. I've never came across any place which can be captured in a nice frame, from any angle. Every single angle you see, you can frame it into. I mean, that's what I see.

I suppose one thing that helps is that, it's not huge. It's concentrated, so you don't get your attention diverted. We didn't stay long, it was after all, just a pond. With limestones and flowers and figurines. But it's indeed worth a visit, especially since I've heard so much about this and have never been there.

Otherwise, the cavern temple was pretty simple. There were a few statues of deities for prayer offerings by the devotees.

5 Jujus:

[SK] said...

never been to sam poh tong before albeit hundreds of times heard about it.. haha!!

Small Kucing said...

been there once

Gratitude said...

I wonder whether the inner temple has been completed and open to the public?

Medie007 said...

the temple was huge. there's a part at the back which looks new.

foongpc said...

Long time didnt go to Sam Poh Tong! I wanna go!