Wednesday, September 07, 2011

On the Premarital Conceive

One day in the Antenatal Clinic, I was talking to a young couple. First visit to the hospital, 30 weeks, for antenatal booking. Cheerful lady, supporting husband equally. Then halfway through, the husband excused himself to the washroom.

Then I asked how long have they been married. Just half a year ago.

I stared at her. Half a year. That would probably make her baby in her tummy just 26 weeks old. So I tried to clarify again, when was her last menses.

Then she started to panic and was asking is there going to be a problem. I looked at her, I also started to panic. "This baby is your husband's? Or..."

"Yes it's his. But is there going to be a problem?"

I looked at her. What kind of problem?

"I mean, I conceive before we got married... And I'm a government servant... Will the hospital like, report this to the government or anything?"

I looked at her in disbelief. Speechless. Then suddenly, "Of course not! Hahahahaha."

She also cracked a smile.

Like, seriously, who would be so busybody? Even if I'm the hospital director, you think I give a damn if you conceive your husband's baby before you guys got married? Unless you were raped, then maybe I'd suggest a police report. But then again, our law is kinda... hmmm... I thought I read somewhere that, even if the husband is forcing him onto his wife, that wasn't considered rape, because they're bound by the holy matrimony. But yeah, whatever.

So... yeah... of course not!

For one, I'm not with the JAKIM.

5 Jujus:

Gratitude said...

But with that goatee, you may pass off as a JAIS officer :P

[SK] said...

yeah, who cares whether it's pre or post marital?? your job is to get both the mama and baby well..

foongpc said...

How would you advise her if she had said the baby isn't her husband's? : )

Small Kucing said...

LOL...poor gal...maybe she really thought you will report to the Boss. She mana tau so much wor. kakaka

Btw, the melon restaurant is Restaurant New Paris :P Near Tuan Ee restaurant

Anonymous said...

i applaud you for your 'non-busybody' attitude! so what la if she got pregnant before marriage?? but i also pity her cuz she's a govt servant, and those people from her sector sure will not shut their mouth one! sigh...