Thursday, September 22, 2011

On the Medical Student Disease

Medical students have a common problem, especially the first years and the second years when they first get exposed to medical illnesses. Any simple single symptoms they'd start think about all the possible diagnosis. A cough is pulmonary tuberculosis. A rash is herpes. Smegma is some sexual transmitted disease. Diarrhoea is seroconversion of HIV. They think of the worse, and they freak themselves out. They are hypochondriac. They have... hypochondriasis.

I think I've grown out of my hypochondriac obsession. Somewhat rather. Minus the over-analysing sometimes, but I don't think I have hypochondriasis.

But of course, I think certain mommies have hypochondriasis as well. Their kid didn't recover from a cough despite taking 3 days of medication, and they start seeking treatment in another clinic, and believe it's something more serious that the earlier doctor has missed. Something like that.

But yeah. Hypochondriasis. I certainly think I've grown out of it. Although the psychiatrist said it's a medical student disease. I think I might have systemic lupus erythematosus. This rash on my face, they never heal!

But of course, it's just impossible. I don't fulfill 4 of the 11 criterias to be diagnosed to have SLE. So yeah. I'm crapping again.

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[SK] said...

ok, put this simple, four words in chinese 杯弓蛇影~~

Twilight Man said...

Eeeeee! Hope you won't pass to me.

shi said... sure docs shud know what smeg is

Vincent~ said...

me me me!! >_<

Small Kucing said...

asal dont go into drugs la...heard overseas many doctors felt stressful then sendiri prescribed med for ownself...end-up with a load of craps in their system

TZ said...

luckily i'm not studying medical.. i phobia on blood... :p