Tuesday, September 06, 2011

On Conveniently Forget

So the Gynecologist asked me to clerk a patient before presenting the patient to her. Normal pregnancy, 20 weeks, coming for a booking at the hospital. No past medical illness or surgeries. First baby. Husband sitting at the side seems happy and all. Not on any medications and completely healthy. Seems normal right?

But as I was filling out her first visit form in her folder, I accidentally flipped through her notes and guess what... she was actually admitted before. Psychiatric ward in fact. I looked at it, curious. But it was 3 years ago. As long as it's not any mental illness like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder I'm sure it won't be a big deal right? Some more, it's just... parasuicide!

In another word. Not a real suicide. Just some impulsive wanting to end her life because her husband too ego and boss her around. So she swallowed 3 strips of panadol.

But as undergrad, I figured I shouldn't be missing anything out in my history. So I consulted her again. Her husband was beside her, talking on the phone. I tried to be as sensitive as I could, speaking in a very low tone, "I accidentally saw your file, you had problems with your husband before?"

"Oh... no... no no no.. That was no... no no...." She panicked.

And I also panicked.

For all that matters, some people might not want their spouse to know their past right?

Then I quickly, "Okay okay, let's not talk about it... Never mind. I won't bring it up later. No worries."

Later on in the consultation room, everything went on normally. In fact, I thought I just totally forgot about her parasuicide history. Speaking about doctor-patient confidentiality. Where does medical students come into? Hmmm...

4 Jujus:

reanaclaire said...

oh..maybe this one new husband?

Gratitude said...

People tend to wipe out painful memories of the past. In your case , she may have been ashamed by the incident too. Thank heavens you reassured her that you wouldn't pursue the matter.

[SK] said...

but why would you ask her such a question at first?? is that appropriate if not necessary??

Small Kucing said...

like claire said...maybe a new husband.

Next time she come around try see if got any bruises. From her panicky reaction, could it be her husband upgraded to beating? anyway...maybe am just thinking too much