Sunday, September 11, 2011

On Being Taken Advantage On

There is a new rule in the hostel. Each resident is only allowed a certain number of footwear outside their room in the corridor. Safety reason apparently. Not sure how safe it could be. But well, I suppose it helps with the untidiness somewhat. Considering it's a boys' dorm.

Most of my footwears ar at Sis's place. So the ones I kept in hostels, I don't put them outside my room as well. So clearly, the 'lawn' of my door is always empty.

But one day after coming back from class, guess what I saw lying just next to my door?

Bloody kid, not sure who... smelly socks some more... Eww... Like, hello! I may be stupid, but this... this... is ... unacceptable. I won't be taken advantage on! It's your shoes and it's your responsibility. You have no rights to use my space even though I don't have any shoes there. I won't let you. I'm selfish too! I deserve to be selfish because I'm staying back for another half a year!

So I just kicked it towards the end of the corridor near the dustbin.

Okay. I didn't.

I am too good a guy some time. Even at times like this when people just take advantage of me.

7 Jujus:

Danny said...

can i take advantage on u some times? since u r a good person :)

Medie007 said...

take lor. take anything you want.


Jonathan Tee said...

Wah...... Like that also can.... U should kick it away.... Smelly.... Which uni has that rules...... IMU?

TZ said...

Yuck! Smelly socks and shoes... No wonder you are NOT so lucky,,,

Let me show you how to get rid of the smelly thing
1. Take a plastic bag
2. Place the shoes into the plastic bag
3. Take the plastic bag with the shoes to the nearest dustbin
4. Drop the plastic bag and listen to the dropping sound. Then say ... "oops"
5. Go to toilet.
6. Watch your hand with soap.
7. Mission Accomplish.

Owner come and ask you. You just ask him back... why you ask me?

PS: what brand is the sport shoes?

Chris said...

hmm.. good idea also.

savante said...

Put glue in the shoes.

Small Kucing said...

next time put itchy powder in the shoes