Saturday, September 03, 2011

On the Bag of Fruits

My supervisor is a Burmese who has been working in Malaysia for a decade or maybe even longer. So naturally, many of the Burmese patients would be referred to her for the ease of language barrier.

One day, this whole big family came in and they were talking in Burmese excitedly. It was as though they haven't seen each other for ages. Probably it was that. It wasn't before long that they settled down to business and consultation ensued, in Burmese.

Finally, as they stood up to leave, husband held up a bag of fruits and handed it over to the doctor.

"Oh oh, there's no need for this!" "Need, just take it, you've take care of us all this while." "Awww... okay okay, thanks a lot!" I could almost write out their script even though I know nuts about Burmese language.

But looking at that bag of fruits on the table after that, I felt warmth. I was touched. I felt... appreciation.

Where can I have this kind of patients?
I wanna receive gifts too! LOL LOL LOL!

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Small Kucing said...

sad to say, nowadays not many people will appreciate good service given. Or maybe people too scared to give gifts in case of the gifts being misinterpreted as bribe.

My FIL in his hometown, each time go for med check up, he would bring kuih muih for staffs who attend him in the hospital.

Am sure there will be a day where you have patients of your own and they bring buah for you :)

[SK] said...

nowadays people don't really show their appreciation, even so maybe just a simple "thank you" only..

reanaclaire said...

they are so warmth, hor... nice family...

Gratitude said...

People who care and offer assistance ought to be appreciated. I could still remember the look of joy when my Mother Teresa gave the Klang GH ENT specialist a box of Secret Recipe cakes.

Anonymous said...

Dr Si Lay!