Monday, July 25, 2011

On the Klang Centro Run 2011

Headed down to Klang for the Centro Run last weekend. It started as early as 645am, and I think I didn't have sufficient sleep the night prior. But nonetheless, it was a great run. Somewhat. It was the Historical Run, according to the organizer, I supposed we were to run past some landmarks or something. But I never really get to study the map, just went there and ran with the crowd.

So we flagged off, ran along the road, up to the bridge into Indian Street, went past the Royal Museum, past the historic Malay college, into Kampung Jawa, then into some place I never knew existed... Reached the 4.5km in 35 minutes, where the first drink station was located. They gave us Gatorade the isotonic drink. Neat! But after that, I took a break of 8 minutes or so, walking... No, I didn't have soreness... Just sort of lazy to run. I guess that took a toll on my timing.

And the run continued... Into more undiscovered territories, and finally crossed some bridges into the residential area where I knew close to the finishing line. Managed to see the Centro tower from afar. But the final hill climb was tough. So I just walked. The final 100 meters where we had to run up a ramp towards the finishing line, I wished I hadn't walked so much earlier.

12km. 1 hour 30 minutes 08 seconds. Super slow I know. But who cares. I think I had fun. It was a good run. I didn't have any cramps, maybe because I started with a slow jog to warm up the legs first.

So... another addition to the collection of finisher medals! Weee!~ Happy happy joy joy.

Next Sunday Admiral 5A run...

4 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

another medal. Good for you!

Gratitude said...

If only the medals were precious metals

TZ said...

Can i have this medal?

Twilight Man said...

Let me help you shop for a shelf to display your metal tarts.