Friday, June 10, 2011

On Sis's Dream Car

I wonder sometimes, why was it that I'm not as into cars as most other guys. Many people would've dreamed of wanting a certain high-end branded cars. BMW, Benz, Ferrari... But me on the other hand, I'm very contented with my Proton at the moment. It's a gift from Dad I couldn't resist, basically it's my legs at the moment. Am totally crippled without it.

One day in One Utama many months ago, there was a BMW exhibition or something. Sis went over and saw a car on display and exclaimed, "Gosh! This is like, my dream car!"

And I was like, "Erm. Okay."

I mean, I never get the whatever series whatever name these high ends have. X series, Y series. Like, wha??

And look at the price man! I'd rather have those money invested on a nice place to stay.

Speaking about being homeboy huh?

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monkezz said...

hello.. follow ur blog quite a while already..
:) am i not mistaken, u mention study UM before?
is it? hope i'm not doing another ..

Twilight said...

Grandma is also not into cars too. Money spent on traveling is better la. When die we cannot bring car along. So ask relatives burn me paper Lamborghini...!

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

Your sister has EXCELLENT taste.

Have a super weekend.

Tempus said...

so luxurious for what.. even ferrari can't fit me okay, im too awesome for it. I need elevated cars like kembara so I can stay TALLER. XD Even myvi can't do the trick.

Small Kucing said...

Those who buys that type of car already have plenty invested in prperties and whatever. The car is just an additional luxury

Danny said...

i never loke those luxury cars.. especially those with only 2 seats.. so not friendly ( as if i got a lot of p )

LittleLamb said...

Come...I give u a free ride on my BMW.

Gratitude said...

Your car and I can go car-oggling at the next international exhibition at PWTC ;)