Sunday, May 16, 2010

On the World Cup Fever

As much as I'm not a football fan, there's something about all these major games that I've always liked. Not the balls, not the games, probably the results, probably some photos, but I'll always check out their official theme.

Apparently, I only came to know that South Africa was the host this year when I heard the official theme on the radio last week. It was the Mandarin version, but nonetheless, it was full of energy. As of last week, there were already 7 different versions of the FIFA World Cup theme song.

It was sung by South Africa's so-called King of their singing industry, K'naan, together with David Bisbal (Spanish?). The videos in reached a million views since its first release, which probably had been months back. Well, maybe it's just my ignorance.

But then again, I was curious over one thing. Last I heard, I thought Shakira was singing the official theme, replacing Ricky Martin's whatever. Thought I heard over the radio too. LOL. But whatever it is, this one by K'naan is way better than Shakira's. LOL.

Here's another version of Wavin' Flag and somehow, the comments made on that page made me think there was some bidding for the official theme or something. LOL. And K'naan won! Woots! The audiences were amazing! If you didn't watch the one above, you should watch this one!

With that, I wish everyone have a pleasant week! ;)

5 Jujus:

reanaclaire said...

oooh, i never follow football before.. badminton yes!!

William said...

Ugh. World Cup.

smallkucing said...

i never follow sports :p

Danny said...

m not a football fan too... but can u imagine that i have to organize a World Cup exhibition by myself? ( 3 years ago )..
all i know is balls and jerseys.. belongs to who? i dun care !!! ;p

[SK] said...

yeah, similar here.. i'm not really a fans, but would like to know the results of the matches.. :)