Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On the Schoonoder Thoughts

Somehow rather than not, I find myself overly annoyed when people start emo-ing or overextend their fingers being all drama all over the place, not only on facebook, but also in other means of publicly viewable contents.

I mean, if you're depressed, you don't show it. Depressed people don't announce to the world they're depressed. They just keep quiet, letting their mind run wild with all those suicidal thoughts and what nots. Go to die for all I care! And when the delusions come in, that's when they're called depressive with psychosis. But, really, who amongst these people tell everyone else they're sad if it's not for the attention? Do you have to really be so pathetic and ask for other people's attention?

But of course, when I say emo, I don't only refer to being depressed. Depressed people after all, needs help.

But those bimbos really... Like, well... narcissistically post their photos like they're pretty and what nots. Like really, a pretty girl don't think of herself as pretty, but rather be humble about it. But when you go brag about how pretty you are, camwhoring and posting it online yet pretend to be humble saying you look so ugly... what the f**k woman?! Pretentious people don't deserve all those attention. Really. Both bipolar disorder and schizophrenic people need antipsychotic. Really.

And, and, there's another type who go brag about how many stuff he need to do and the timeline is getting near and all, and yet he still got time to blog, like every single day! WTF man?! If you're so busy and catching up on studies, then so be it, go bury yourself in the books! Not stick your nose to the computer screen!

Then, then, there's another type who basically stays on FB 24/7, posting updates every single minute. "I'm going to the toilet now." "I'm eating Maggi Mee." "I think 2012 is real!" "I feel my intestines are rotten." "So emo..." Hello?! If FB really do charges for membership, that bloody same-age-as-me-but-already-a-millionaire facebook creater would become as rich as Bill Gates because apparently certain people are so free they update their friends when they're going to shit or what shape their stool is!

Or, or, there's another type of bimbotic twink who hangs out amongst them twinks and talk like twinks about other non-twinks and laugh in their twinky manner. Like, hello, get a life already! Being in a group called the Twinks doesn't earn you any right to gossip about other Ugly Betty. For all you know, you're gonna get those beer belly as big as Santa Claus and Ugly Betty there will be the new Miss World in 2013. By then, you go and cry amongst yourself over those nihelistic delusions you'll be having.

And then, there's another type who go about lamenting about nothing (like myself), complaining this and that (like myself) doesn't please my eyes, or mumble about some other petty stuff because my mood is low, and then start blogging about it. Like, what the fuck man?! You're complaining about other people being inappropriate and yet you're also blogging about this and in a publicly viewable channel. Like, so what the fuck right?? Some unclassified schizophrenia probably.

Oh well. The flight of ideas. Not exactly, sorta lost the coherence from my original intention of attacking every single blogger out there because I'm in manic phase.

I'm loving psychiatric medicine.RWOAR!!! LMAO.

And ooh, if you're really wondering what Schoonoder means, good luck

7 Jujus:

[SK] said...

yeah, i hate drama people too~~

Mandy Ling said...

Some people are just over emo. :P

the happy go lucky one said...

*shivers* so cold.... lolll...

smallkucing said...

I used to "care" when saw people emo in FB. Worried for them when they shouting they wanna die or something. But now, fed-up liao.

Some are just crying for attention like the boy who cries Wolf. Really felt like being used by these people. "Give them heart, they anggap as dog liver"(Cantonese)

True what you have said "Depressed people don't announce to the world they're depressed"

cleffairy said...

I second smallkucing. I hate drama queens. Post stupid stuff on I'm going to die la... etc etc on fb and twitter It's so damn annoying. :(

I was hit by terrible depression before. Up to a point here I was almost suicidal, and was seriously thinking about suicide.

I didn't write about it, though. I kept it inside. Because, I was too depressed to let it out at that point of time.

I only bitched about it AFTER the depression was over. People who are depressed, truly depressed, wouldn't be able to let it out. Those bitching you see, they're fake, I tell you.

Gratitude said...

Happy's cold, I'm practically shivering!...lolz

"Go to die for all"....wah, so garang today!
These peeps are a product of a overly-narcissistic society.

Susan said...

hahahaha... what a way to vent your dissatisfaction. Cant agree more with some of the points!