Sunday, May 23, 2010

On the Obsessive Compulsive Mum

I once told my friend that my Mum's got obsessive compulsive disorder.

When I went to Kijal not long ago, I got 5 reminders from my Mum on the night I arrived at the beach within 2 hours. She called first and asked me not to swim in the sea. Then she texted me, "Don't go swim in the sea okay? Just stay at the beach is fine." The next message came in after 10 minutes, "Are you at the beach? Don't go to swim, dangerous." Then she called again about one hour from the first call, and said, "Dad reminds you not to go swim in the sea okay?" 15 minutes later, she texted again, "The weather reports said the waves is very high today. Don't swim in the sea ok? Dangerous." Like, seriously, do you have to remind a 23 year old not to swim in the sea so many times?

It wasn't the only example.

Remember when I mentioned about the brother going for baptism? Mum went all panicky early in the morning asking me to talk him out of it and all. She had all these thoughts that the brother would become less of a person if he converts because to her, Christianity is basically slavery to churches.

And then, whenever she leaves the house, after she locked the door, she'll try to pull the lock and used all her might to pull it out, just to make sure it's secure. It's fine if you do it once just to check it's really locked. But when she pulled on the lock, she counted to 1 minute. She would let go, and pull again. And repeat 2 more times.

After we went out, she'd start worrying about things at home. Was the light off? Was the stove off? Was the power socket switched off?

Even more petty stuff, like, she'd go all anxious about the clothes hanged out at home when the sky turned dark. I mean it's fine if you start worrying. But when you worry excessively, it's really too much, to the extend that she started to rush things and ignore all the other plans that she had earlier on, just to get back soon enough to pick up the clothes hanging in the sun.

I pointed out to her that she's being obsessive and compulsive, she knew that her actions are not normal.

But then again, I guess if I take all these into considerations, then all mothers in the world are obsessive and compulsive. LOL. In fact, I think everyone has some traits in them, heck I think I have a lot in me too!

Nevertheless, still love her to bits. It doesn't require any medication anyway. LOL

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smallkucing said...

Nearly all moms are like that. Me included. hahaha.

I guess your mom must be Buddhist, right? Maybe when your were born, she went to see fortune teller and the man said you "Kei Sui"(avoid water).

My mom also asked me to avoid water coz "Kei Sui". Maybe coz my year was "wood" so have to avoid water

reanaclaire said...

hahaha... r u talking about me too? but then i dont pull the lock with all my might nor bother about the weather wetting the clothings.. all i bother is not to go near the beach!!

Afif said...

i'm pretty sure all mothers are like that....especially mine ever since i went to study in oz...though we kind of hate the too much of attention she gave, we still love her to bits..

the happy go lucky one said...

yeah im suffering from it also, sometimes really wory excessively lor :P

ZT said...

haha, what u described at ur mum reflected very true on me as well, i am just 20 though.
To be specific, this is the Checking Disorder of the OCD.
Good to recheck things but not so many times. It is not just killing times but mentally also being affected.

[SK] said...

hahaha, no worries, your mum isn't the odd one out, all mothers are like that~~ :p

William said...

I only repeat things cause I forgotten about it the moment I done it!