Friday, April 30, 2010

On the Outpatient Visit

It was a sunny morning. Our class were to be held outside of the campus. While waiting for the other colleagues to arrive, I sat by the bench in front of the outpatient clinic, watching the people coming into the hospital.

Suddenly, I heard a lady's shouting.

"Aiyooo!!! I don't have money lah! I didn't bring my phone! If you wanna go, then go lah; if you don't want to go then go home! Why wanna bother so many people?"

She was shouting at an elderly gentleman, who was walking with a walking stick. I saw the gentleman mumbled something, couldn't make out what he said from where I sat.

"Aiyoo. Go back la go back la! Take bus and go back lah. How much money you have? Aiya, that's enough la."

And her shouting continued while she was asking for the price of a taxi to Mid Valley.

Then, there was another scene. A middle age lady, smiling, and pointed to the direction of the tunnel leading to the wards or the specialist clinic. She was trying to hold another elder lady's hand, assuming that's her mother. But her mother just pulled her hands away, insistent that she could walk alone. But middle age lady was still smiling, and said, "Come la, what's there to be shy of? Come come." And they walked slowly towards the tunnel.

As they walked away, there was an old man walking to where I was sitting. My gaze followed. He has trembling hands, like that of a Parkinson's, but didn't quite have most of the other observable features. He stopped in front of another elder lady, asking if the seat beside her is taken. Assuming that's his wife. But just one second after he sat down, another middle aged lady approached them, smiling.

"You can walk or not? Just a flight of stairs only, then we reach the elevator already."

She was pointing towards the trauma and emergency building, whereby the carparks were located on top of the building.

The two elderly couple agreed and the three of them walked slowly towards the staircase.

Then I noticed one thing. And I realized another. All over the hospital, I realize there's no staircase along the main walkway. When access to another floor is concerned, there would be elevator or some ramps. Life for the wheelchair-bound patients are easier that way.

5 Jujus:

manglish said...

a lot to be improved in is not very user friendly hahahha...ohh maybe that is the keep the patients away so doctors can blog or play facebook AHAHHAHAHA

smallkucing said...

ya some hospital are really not that patient friendly

reanaclaire said...

in such a short time, u could see and hear so much.. :)

Medie007 said...

manglish, malaysia as a whole, need a lot of improvement. but then again, where on earth is perfect? even our fingers were of no equal length.

smallkuching, takes a lot of planning lor...

reanaclaire, :D sometimes it's nice to just sit down and let the time goes by, watch and listen. :D

Alice Law said...

Hey man~!! Needless to say much, you will be a "good doctor"(Trust my hunch)! Please keep up your compassionate heart, this world needs doctors like you!

Have a wonderful weekened!