Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Being the Convincing Lad

Either I am very convincing. Or you're easily cheated.

Somehow I tried to believe it's not the later. Few months ago when we had were in the office waiting for class to start, we saw one very pretty lady entering the room in the far end of the corridor.

I told one of my colleague that she's most probably Prof M, the super pretty professor we had in the department. I mean, it was too far to tell exactly who she was, but she definitely was young and pretty. Any other professor would be older.

A few minutes later, Prof M came in from this end of the corridor, and walked passed us to her office.

I looked at the friend I just cheated, and laughed.

Apparently, I didn't only cheat her that time. 2 days prior to that, I confidently pointed to her of another doctor without knowing I was actually mistaken.

So when another doctor came up, and her natural reflex of asking me who was it, and I blurted out with a name, she told me 3 seconds later, "Wait, I don't want to believe you anymore. You cheated me twice!"

I said, "Either I'm really convincing or you're easily cheated."

But then again, it's not like I cheated her on purpose... T.T

9 Jujus:

smallkucing said...

Remember the boy who cries WOLF:p

Guess, mild teasing is good for the mind. To teach your friend not to believe buta-buta what she is told.Instead must discover for herself.

Aren't that one of the criteria to be a doctor? Must not listen to the patient solely. Must check and see for himself.

Bravebear said...

hahaha! Funny la your fren.

[SK] said...

well, i would think she's easily cheated in this case lor.. :p


she trusted u and u.... haiz~ :P

William said...

Maybe it's your Poker Face.

reanaclaire said...

hahaa..yes.. wanted to say tat.. crying wolf.. small kucing beat me to it..
but u have a good way of putting it.. convincing.. eh, my girl is very easily convinced, i think even if u bluffed her many times, she would still believe u.. :(

Paul J said...

cheat a girl for what?? cheat a guy go to be to heisho heisho mahh...addooii...ini budak

Danny said...

maybe u look like someone that can be trusted la ;p
jealous-nyerr.. cos i always wanted a 'jujur' face.. ;(

Gratitude said...

William @ poker face? yahor lolz