Sunday, February 21, 2010

On the Wine Tasting

One night...

Mum: How come wine tonight not as sweet as last night?
Dad: Don't know. Last night one sweeter right?
Me: I thought it's easier to drink this one compared to last night's.
Sis: I thought the same too, this one smoother.
Dad: This one 13% alcohol one wor.
Mum: Yesterday one leh?
Dad: 14% one.

Then dad went to the dustbin and lifted up the empty wine bottle that we finished the night before.

Dad: Last night one only 10%

And everyone else "Cheeeeh..."

Me: This one nicer, 13%. Last nite one cheapskate a bit, only 10%, so not so nice. Hahaha.
Mum: You don't drink too much la, I feel it already lor.
Me: I'm not feeling anything yet lor.
Mum: Don't you ever turn into alcoholic ah, not good for liver okeh. I think I cannot finish mine already.
Dad: Come come give me.

Dad poured some of Mum's wine into his glass and a little into mine.

Mum: Why you drink so much? Give the more to Medie la.
Dad: Medie still young mar, I'm older. Older liver, older engine stronger already.

*pengz* T.T

Dad's statement of "older engine stronger" was one of a kind.

But amazingly, the few days he started drinking, his knee doesn't hurt anymore!

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reanaclaire said...

i drank the 12percent one on the eve... didnt like the taste! i think i stick to sparkling grape juice.. :)

TZ said...

hahahaha.... fight for wine ;p
Medie is a child ... no Wine for him blek!

nicky05 said...

Jom minum x3 ...Haha...

Gratitude said...

Let's have 40% on Thursday! :)

Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner said...
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Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner said...

Didn't know more alcohol means better tasting. hehe.

William said...

Bring out the 40 proof vodka!

manglish said... high society one this family hhaahahhahha

[SK] said...

red wine can help blood circulation, maybe that's why he is not feeling his knee hurt?? :p