Tuesday, February 02, 2010

On TZ's Surprise Birthday Party

It was the Five Element's author's birthday last weekend. But as he had quite a packed week, we only managed to secure him for Sunday evening, where a surprise party was planned for the man. +Ant+ were pressing me to come up with something a week ago as his birthday was drawing near, and since no one else were free (not that I am all that free), I decided to just send out the invitations for a dinner.

All the invitations came back with a few close friends not able to make it. But it was still quite a reasonable party when 6, including myself, decided to come for the 'orgy'. So the party was set in TGIF in The Curve that evening. The day started off with me dragging the birthday boy around the town, trying not to get him suspicious. We finally had a movie in e@Curve at 5.25pm, which I thought would finish perfectly in time for our dinner. But who'd have known, the movie finished 20 minutes earlier. *Shites*

I frantically messaged one of them in the company and asked him to get their arses moved from Borders to the restaurant while I tried to stall the birthday boy. Going into the loo, walking like one with sprained ankle, and distract him to look at the tiniest ant on the floor. Just so that the company would be seated before we headed into the restaurant.

As we were finally heading towards the restaurant, I sent the co-organizer a text message. "Prepare to shout surprise~!"

The waiter led us to the bigger table, having the birthday boy curiously wondering why we weren't given the more secluded two seater table at the corner, when he saw a glimpse of someone familiar.

I guess I made a mistake walking in front, and too fast, when I should just walked behind him and get him the bigger shock rather than him seeing me walking to a chair next to one of our friends.

But then hor, these guests hor, didn't shout surprise wor. Kek sei ngo! T.T

TZ's face when he saw the rest of the guests for his birthday dinner was priceless. Like, shocked. "OMG? I knew it I knew it!"

But he didn't knew! LOL

The rest of the evening, we ordered the regular food. Had loads of lough. Sluts on the far end talking about naked beach amongst other 'cari kawan' experience.

When everyone finally made finished off the last bit of the humongous portion of food with a relieve, everyone just sat around starting to camwhore. Although now as I looked through the photos, I thought we shoulda camwhored more. LOL.

I finally signaled the staff in charge that we were ready for the cake when a few of them waiter and waitresses came out and we started off singing the NORMAL birthday song. The birthday boy were asked to stand on the chair, and were forced to sing a song, non-kiddy, not the national anthem, and not the birthday song. But alas, who could be able to sing in that condition? I know I'd prolly be pissed if I were pressed further. LMAO.

The staff finally sang the special TGIF song with hum and wham, which saw the birthday boy finally get the final shout around the ear. Phew. Thank God he was still able to hear well after that. Although from what I heard, it's only on a pretty rare occasion that sudden noise like that would cause rupture of the tympanic membrane in the ear. But then again, it was fun watching him enjoying himself.

As the night drew closer to an end, half of the group decided to make a move while the remaining alcoholics adjourned to the bar for some booze. Yummy. The cravings was finally fulfilled with the classic Long Island Tea.

We had some laughs, gossip about the past, and talked about some plans in the near future. Smaller groups are indeed nicer to have intimate conversations with, although larger group are more fun to be around to bring up the atmosphere.

All of us finally parted ways as it approached midnight. It was time the staff go for their rest as well.

Happy Belated Birthday my dear friend! :D

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manglish said...

i am sure u talked abt the past, plan for the future and gossip about other ppl rite? hahhhahha

Danny said...

so sorry that i cant make it.. bet u guys had fun..:))
did u guys asked him to dance on the table? that one very TSK one.. i will definitely refuse to do that lo ;p

the happy go lucky one said...

lolll... thanks for ur effort to delay him, the timing was just perfect!
what 'cari kawan' experiences? hmmm did we talk abt that? *short term memory loss*
thx for the invitation, its fun!

Gratitude said...

It wuz uncomplicated fun! :)

KY said...

It was a great night, I've got to know some fun friends too. Hm...what is that chest photo for?

Evann said...

Eee! Someone should have called me to tell that you sent a message to hurry our asses from Borders to Fridays. I would've sprinted! Haha. Gahh, I'm blaming others for my lateness =.='' So sorry bout that! :(

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Glad to hear you guys have fun!

CH Voon said...

TZ look damn Happy!
He is your coursemates or schoolmates?