Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On the Doctor's Handriting Sequalae

We were in the ear, nose and throat ward and was looking around the files when we came across this case notes regarding a patient with ear discharges or something. She was meant for operation the next day if I wasn't mistaken.

We were of course trying to figure out what was written in the notes. They were not to messy, still elligible. Just that some of the letters were too skewed you'd thought it was something else. We could still make sense because it's all about the ear, nose or the throat.

So imagine me trying to read the highlighted word as something else. My friend laughed out so loud! It was supposed to be ossicles.

And I read assholes. LOL

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Janvier said...


William said...

It would be even more entertaining if it was "Asshole seen".

Little Dove said...

I read ossicle. Haha

p/s: You have a notti mind!

Gratitude said...

"no asshole seen"