Wednesday, November 04, 2009

On the Tau Sa Pia Jealousy

Him Heang Tambun Biscuit, best in Penang and, err, whatever lah.

Somehow I had the privilege of savouring my taste-buds in this delicious biscuit a few weeks ago when a friend brought me some souvenir after he came back from his Penang trip. Have always love this biscuit. Just the biscuit per se, not solely this brand.

My friend told me it’s the most famous one in Penang where it’s ONLY available in that bungalow house and not available elsewhere. I’ve seen that place. The last time I went with the soul-mate, we didn’t drop by despite him telling me the same stuff about this brand being the best in Penang and only found inside that bungalow.

The shocking thing was, while we were hiking downtown in Georgetown while I was there, as we passed by some of the old shophouses, I actually saw this box in one of the bakery! I told the soulmate, but I supposed he must’ve been too ignorant to double-check with me.

I was pretty insistent with what I saw, that the statement that “This brand of Tambun Biscuit is only found in their bungalow shop-house and nowhere else” is not true! But I didn’t have any proof with me that I failed to convince anyone.

But inside that box, the baker actually printed, “we would also like to notify our valued customers that all our products which bear the trade mark “Him Heang” is of the finest and best quality and we have never appointed or shall appoint any agent or retailers’ outlets to market our products. Therefore, in this respect our products are only available at our business premises at no. 162A, Jalan Burma, 10050 Penang.”

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Piracy is out of control. We're not only looking at Levi's or Gucci or Armani Exchange, nowadays we've got Him Heang the pirated version too! >.<

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[SK] said...

if there can be fake eggs, then it's not surprise to have pirated him heang tau sar piah..

manglish said...

hahahhahahaha.....but how do u tel if it is fake or not? from the taste?

TZ said...

Luckily not you that buy the Tau Sa Pia... otherwise you will be getting the pirated TSP...

Support the original... hmmm... sound very familiar eh~

the happy go lucky one said...

yes i was living in penang for few years, and i can tell u most penangites know abt the facts
1) this brand is the best, no one can beat them
2) they r only available at that shop
so i supposed only outstation ppl will buy the pirated one lor.
they r really niceeee... i still remember i always ride my motorbike all the way to the town to buy it *droolsss*


hmm~ as a penang kia~ let me tell u something...

this brand is "actually" and "only supposed to" sell in that bungalow "only"...

but i do think there's some ppl bought in for a large amount and sell it in their own shop~

make sense right? :)

L M said...

Wooo who's the soulmate? =)

Evann said...

don't see why not. food piracy's a good market :)

Danny said...

long time ago while i was in penang.. someone told me that there's actually 2 shops that is selling tausapia.. and using the almost sams name..
Him Heang.. and 'something' Heang..

its just like our bakua in Petaling Street..
Wolaiyeh VS Woyehlai... and there are on the same street..:P

Gratitude said...

It may not hv been a fake, but bought and sold at an escalated cost by that shop.

Well, i love Him Heang.Ghee Hiang oso acceptable. *winks*

foongpc said...

I love Him Heang tau sa biscuits and also their beh teh saw. Absolutely delicious!

Too bad can only be found in Penang! I hate to buy there cos always no parking!

savante said...

You could always buy the biscuits and sell it later :)

Medie007 said...

[sk], true... lol... i have a gucci bag too. lmao.

manglish, i tak tau ler. only tried him heang twice. plus, i'm not one who have those kinda tongue can tell the taste one... :P

tz, yealor.. luckily i was told. hahaha

happy go lucky, wooo... luckily got a penangite to clarify. haha

L2, why all those open and inverted commas??? got hidden meaning ah?

LM... ahem... secret. kids cannot know. hahaha

Medie007 said...

evann, didn't know pirated foods can be that popular. LOL

danny, that's utterly funny!!! wo ye lai??? hahaha

gratitude, i thought they tasted the same... tau sa pia also wat. :P

foongpc, place order lor. hahahhaa

savante, true. con the tourist prolly.

vialentino said...

this is the famous tau sa pia rite? i always hear ppl mention and brought some to office...not bad ler...i like it

Susan said...

hmmm.. can you actually tell the difference of its taste between the two? i wonder.

Twilight Zone said...

So many boxes look like Him Heang's today. Next time Granny will bitch about Him Heang Vs Ghee Hiang! When are we having teh tarek?

cpl said...

hmm.. i remember reading some leaflets in that bungalow saying that have something like 3 branches in penang lor.. so can go buy at the other branches too.. one of them is a shoplot just on the next street only.