Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On the Primary Care Posting

I’ve been forever grateful and glad that I passed my exam 2 weeks back, and since then, there were no proper holidays whereby I get to sleep in bed till 12 noon and go out sitting in Starbucks watching the clock ticking. In other words, there were no holidays. Sad.

Classes started soon after the weekend, which I spent hanging out with some close friends and lounging in Jaya One online-ing. But other than that, I guess I should be thankful that the first posting that I was posted to straight after the exam is Primary Care Medicine.

I’ve always love Primary Care Medicine. As the name suggest, it’s the first line of medical consultation that one goes to before they go to a specialist. In another words, doctors who work in a primary care setting are called the general practitioner. Yes, they’re the general doctors who run private clinics in town. Primary care doctors are not specialised in a certain field of medicine, i.e. cardiology, neurology, surgery, paediatrics etc. But primary care medicine in its own is already a branch of medicine. The last I heard, for one to be eligible to practice in the Primary Care department, especially in a hospital setting, a Master degree in Primary Care is needed.

I’m quoting, one of the lecturers I was attached to introduced herself in such a manner. “Hi, I’m Dr. S. I have my MBBS from here, and then went on to obtain my Masters in Public Health from Harvard. So, anyways, before I start...” Get what I mean?

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve always love Primary Care Medicine. Reason being, it seems much more relaxed as compared to all the other major postings, i.e. internal medicine, surgery, paediatrics, orthopaedics and Obs&Gyn. It’s relatively different. But equally fun, if not more. And one thing for that Primary Care Medicine emphasises on, would be to treat the patient as a whole, not just the disease or illnesses the patients presented with. Therefore, social history and social backgrounds are very important.

Despite just a simple flu, you would never know what the real problems these patients have until you find out. What are their living conditions like? Who is taking care of them? Are their children neglecting them? Are their husbands abusing them? Are they cheating on their wives? Are their kids giving them headaches?

Oh I’m sure you know what I mean.

Somehow I find it fun “sampat”-ing with the patients. Maybe I myself am one hell of a “kepoci”.

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Susan said...

wow, this is the first time i heard about the Primary Care Medicine practice. To an extent it sounds abit like wellness and preventive medicine. Is the servcie available in all hospitals?

manglish said...

hhahahha.....i love sampating wif just dont know wat stories will come out....remember to blog next time kkakaka

the happy go lucky one said...

hahahaa... actually its good to b able to kpc with ur patients, that shows u care abt them :) wish u have an enjoyable experience there kekeee

Just B3cks said...

wah.. next time I would like to read ur journal on 'sampat encounter with patients' keke. kidding la.. wish u all e best..

Gratitude said...

Hi fellow-kepoci, let's go munch some kuaci. :P

Medie007 said...

susan, yeaps. it's available in all hospitals... the registration counter will leads u to the primary care before u're refered to the specialist if its ur first time. :)

manglish, hahaha, yea... will defintiely blog about them when i have time now that i've got a few stories already. lol

happy go lucky, it's social history lor. u never know if u stop the patients from talking ma. :)

Medie007 said...

just b3cks, but cannot sampat too much online also ler... doctor-patients confidentiality must be respected. LOL

gratitude, sadly i don't like kuaci??

savante said...

Well maybe you are meant for Primary Care. Ever thought of going into it?

Holidays are gonna be few and far in between from now on though.

TZ said...

Kuachi... Anton's sponsor... let's go :p

Little Dove said...

I thought UM have exams during CNY? But you seem very free hor. ;p

Medie007 said...

savante, yes, thought about it but it's going to be pretty boring after a while. and yeah, very few holidays from now on. :(

TZ, come come. lol... but i dont like kuaci. :P

little dove, not that i counted there'll be one. after the chinese new year maybe. we're starting the major postings after the chinese new year holidays.