Thursday, November 19, 2009

On the GP Hunt (3)

We finally found ourselves a nice GP attachment last week in the end. We got ourselves attached to another panel clinic in PJ. We talked to the one of the partners and she agreed that we could "hang out" there as long as we wanted. So we arrived the following day.

It was a pretty old clinic. There was no big signboards stating whatever clinic whatsoever. But somehow the flow of patients were still pretty huge. Maybe because it was a panel clinic. So workers from the surrounding companies were visiting for all sorts of problem.

Half of the patients we saw were retiree from TNB, some as old as 80 years old, and most of them were there for follow up for their high blood pressure problem as well as diabetes mellitus. It was pretty boring at times, but I guess we couldn't expect to see cases like how we did in the hospital.

There were very few special cases like that of special endocrine or neurological as seen in the hospital, but I saw a few patients with sinusitis as well as 2 cases of gouty arthritis. Fine with me alright. There were also a few pre-employment medical check ups. And there was one who just came in for HPV immunisation injection. Funny lass.

We were attached to different doctors for the 3 days we were there. I followed an Indian guy doctor on the first day, who were I don't know, I think he gave me an impression that he wasn't really keen. But I didn't really know, because I didn't expect him to teach much anyways. On the second day, I followed a female doctor who was very friendly. She didn't teach as well, but I guess I was more inquisitive of what she was doing. So the third day I followed her again.

It was literally a mini hospital there. There was a small lab in the ground floor where rapid blood test could be done. The triage area wasn't huge, but files were arranged up to the ceiling. The dispensary was pretty equipped too I presume. The doctors know what the common medication is needed. There was also a room for X-ray on the 2nd floor, a corner for the ECG test as well as a small cube for the hearing test! Most of the others I've seen, but the hearing test cube, I was very amazed!

Apparently, it's a clinic with emphasis on occupational health. That was why apart from being the panel clinic to some of the 9-5 companies, the clinic also visit factories around the town. As in, the doctors in the clinic go to factories and run the mini clinic in the factories. If you know what I mean.

We were also told about the usual thing they do in the clinic. Administrative work include all the writing ups on the annual check up on the workers in the factories, where notification letters would be sent to the Department of the Occupational Safety & Health in addition to the companies and the workers themselves.

Pretty interesting I'd say.

Pretty interesting...

And like that of the clinic in the hospital, I've got a fair share of "sampat" stories while I was attached to the clinic as well!


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manglish said...

sampat stories leh??? next post? ahhahah

reanaclaire said...

yeah, i pun nak dengar "sampat" stories.. very 8 one!

the happy go lucky one said...

wowwww... within such short period of time u still managed to 38! salut u man... lolll....

Gratitude said...

Yikes, the place looks like a morgue!

savante said...

Morgue? It actually looks not too bad leh!

KY said...

I normally go for clicnic either I'm REALLY sick like hell or I wanna get a MC. Honest enough?