Monday, November 09, 2009

On the Bull in the Mall

There was this roadshow about the bull run and bull fighting in a mall the other day, despite still in the midst of having an exam I headed over to the roadshow anyways, after all, how many times do we get to see a real bull right?

There was this section where a bull was being brought into the mall. It was of coure placed behind bars, just that the cage is built of plank woods. The organizer created the cage in a way that, you get to go into another cage attached to the cage the bull is placed in. The idea is to give the visitors a feeling of being real close to the bull. And somehow, the "wall" that seperates between the cage you're in and the bull, is actually a door or something, with hinges and locks.

So out of curiousity, I paid a small amount of fee and challanged my own guts to go into that cage. See, the thing is, the cage didn't even look secure enough to hold the 2 tonne ferocious bull. Once I was locked inside this cage, I could literally feel the bull's exhalation! We were after all just seperated by a few plank woods simply patched up with some spaces in between each plank woods.

The bull's horns poked through some of the spaces occasionally, giving me a chance to touch them horns. The bull got restless by the seconds and was banging into the wall gently. It wasn't before long that I noticed one of the screws that hold the entire wall in between two cages were getting lose. I turned around slowly to open the gate to get out of the cage, but with another headbang on the wall, the wall finally torn apart!!!

I rushed out from my cage and shouted on the top of my lungs, "Bull's out bull's out!!!"

The organizing committee looked at me in astonishment as I frantically ran for my life. Chased by a mad bull. I ran towards my family and pulled my mum's arm, and got her to run together with me as well. Mum was of course shocked and was trying to asked me what was happening as between pantings.

"Bull's out... chasing after me..." I tried to tell her what happened but the breathlessness made everything so difficult. "Don't look!" I squeeled when my mum tried to turn around.

We hurriedly enter the emergency exit and ran down the staircase. More and more people coming into the emergency exit after us. Some were shouting, some were crying, but definitely everyone was running for their life.

Well, in the end we all survived. Bull was nowhere to be seen.

And I wondered later on after a few days, there was actually a Running of the Bulls Fiesta like that in Pamplona in Spain in Malaysia. Better still, it was held in a shopping mall...

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Mabel Low said...

Wow! If it was in Malaysia, sure a lot of people will be standing there to patt.. then only they'll run lor. XD

Gratitude said...

I thought the "bull" is alwiz ranting and blowing off steam behind the steering wheel? MWAHAHAHA

[SK] said...

errr, are you trying to tell you about your dream last night?? :p

cpl said...

that obviously did not happen! =P

KY said...

Where got such things in Malaysia?