Friday, October 16, 2009

On a Connection Fit

See, the problem with me not updating was, my Maxis wireless broadband is throwing me a hissy fit. 2 days back, everything went on smoothly until I woke up the next morning finding that the lights on my wireless modem was flashing. I failed to load any websites.

For the past 2 days I wasn't able to get any web pages loaded. The connection status showed that it was connected alright. But somehow the bandwith whatsoever loading speed took ages. And somehow, the whole thing was bogged down with exhaustion that in the end, it was left hanging. You know, just like those mothers who are delivering, but because of some reasons, they just got so tired and can't push anymore. But the thing with babies delivery, if there is nothing wrong with the baby or the mother and the cervix is fully dilated, there's this thing called assisted delivery, where forceps or vacuum pump comes in handy. But NOT when it's this bloody connection.

Odd association eh? I'm having my Obstetrics and Gynecology end of posting test today.

So anyways, I called up the Maxis center and asked for the customer service assisstance. First time I called, Kavitha answered. She checked for my account and told me I still have 120RM spare, so it has got nothing to do with my account. And since I'm on unlimited package, I shouldn't have any usage limit. So she gave instructions and asked me to reset my connection, switched it off and waited for 30 minutes.

So I did. But it didn't work. I called again. Same procedure. But this time James answered. He asked for my information, checked the account and package, checked my location, and asked me to reset my connection.

30 minutes later, I called again. I lost my patience. A CHEENA girl with poor command of English picked up my call. Same old thing. My account, my package, my location and bla bla bla. I must've lost my patience here and there and I guessed she did to that she had to take a break, and come back in 1 minute, "Sorry to keep you waiting, sir." I salute her patience, bravo for the anger control when angry customer like moi comes in. LMAO.

But I guess I won't be bitching now that it's back. God it's good that the line's finally back on. I suspect the heavy rain 2 nights back must've tilted the signal station whatsoever if there is one.

To add on to that, the wireless connection in the college is down due to some construction work as well. Now tell me why shouldn't I be mad? Speaking from an internet addict. Thankfully though, I was able to force myself to be preoccupied with my books for the past 2 days.

Hopefully this time round it's going to turn out right...

Ps. I guess I got happy too soon. Bloody Maxis wireless broadband throwing hissy fit again. ARGH!!!!

6 Jujus:

manglish said...

ohh i totally understand ur frusfration....when can they really improve on the connection thingy har?

TZ said...

it's time for you to focus on your study... that's why you could not use the broadband effectively. After your exam everything will back to normal again :p

Ask Anton for the prediction on your broadband connection for next week... DOWN or UP... kekekeeeeeeee....

Danny said...

u r rite.. those customer service are really patient ppl... its either their EQ is super high..or they just listen to things that they want to listen..LOL ;p

[SK] said...

oh, i have the same bloody experience when calling up Maxis customer center also.. kept waiting and kept being transferred over the different departments and even the same departments.. at last i complained to a friend working as a senior manager in there, and immediately somebody called me up and get things done immediately..

Gratitude said...

We can now use SK to call his "friend" in Maxis whenever we need personalized service. ^^

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