Friday, October 02, 2009

On Catch My Disease

There was once when I was still a regular listener to a couple of years ago or so, where there was this segment one evening, that the listeners could text in their suggestions and stuff like that in relation to the questions that the deejays asked. The question was, if you have an Island, what would you name it, and what would the theme song be?

I thought for a while before I finally came up with one.

I was, and still is an avid fan of Grey's Anatomy, though I haven't been following the latest season. I loved the series to the extent of looking for the soundtrack of the series. And that was when I came to learn some of the greatest songs I've heard which are still my favourites until now.

Which include this clip here that I'm embbedding. Ben Lee's Catch My Disease.

And that evening, I heard my name being announced through the radio station.

"My my, this guy must be a cheeky guy. Medie007 wants to name his island the Cheeky Island, and his theme song will be Catch My Disease. Now I don't know what he has in mind, but this has gotta be one of the cheekiest text I've come across so far. Medie007, guess what, we can't give you your island, and if you have your island, I'm not so sure I want to pay your island a visit, I don't know what disease you've got there. Aha. But here's your theme song, Ben Lee's Catch My Disease."


I didn't won anything though. It was just out of fun.

If I have my island, you bet what I'm gonna call it some other names, and definitely not some place I would simply allow anyone to come to. ;)

By the way, in case you were wondering, this song was one of the soundtracks in all the 3 famous medical drama series; Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs and House.

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TZ said...

TZ likes this... *one thumb up*

manglish said...

hahah so you like to participate in radio game also ar? me too but i am an avid fan of LiteFM and even now in jpn i listen to them online....once i won a toaster...hehehe...and listening to my own voice on air for the first time. it was fun :)

Gratitude said... selfish!

Come to think of it...i'll name mine "Isle of Anti-Emos"

Gratitude said...

I remembered the time when I wuz gvn the opportunity to speak to the then incoming PM, Bodowi on HitzFM. He promised me that making our streets safe and battling corruption wuz one of his main priorities as the new PM.

Mana tau, the kepala of the men-in-blue turned out to be one of the biggest crooks. NIAMAH!

Evann said...

The love disease? But I've already developed an immunity against it. But it's the Saturday night partay disease, then hit me with your worst! Woooo! :D

Jerry said...

People who are studying doctors right, they sure watch house and GA...

My cousin's wife also an avid fan of these show, a very good way to learn some medical knowledge isit??

I always tune in to Hitz,

1) for latest hits..
2) To win fantastic prizes like joining the Hitz.FM Fugitive lol..

Twilight Zone said...

I think Cheeky Island is unique indeed. Just like Prisoners Island eventually became Australia and Anton went there! Muahaha!
You can build your temple and invite beings for retreat and meditation.

L M said...

Yee.. I tried to send in something to a radio channel but somehow I gave up even though I'd typed halfway through.. too paiseh xD