Saturday, September 12, 2009

On the Retreat to Rinchen Jangsem Ling (2)

I shall teach you the practice of Medicine Buddha. A lot of the medical practitioners out there also practices this. Because you are soon becoming a doctor, you need to heal other people who are sick, so it is good to practice the Medicine Buddha and make him as your main practice.

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Somehow, he came to learn about the predicaments that I faced from Anton, and he sat down with me giving me words of encouragement the following morning. Everyone has their moments. But what makes everyone different from each other would be how they handle the situation. Staying in despair isn't the solution.

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And so that was how, after the Puja for the KuanYin was over in the morning and after our lunch, I sat down with Venerable Sonam-la in the kitchen while the others were getting busy with their stuff. We were set to head home in the afternoon actually, so it all seemed like a rush that I was taught how to practice the mantra of Medicine Buddha.

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That afternoon, it rained. As I was still sitting inside the main prayer hall waiting for departure, out of nowhere, we decided to leave the next day instead. Fine by me. I didn't feel like leaving anyways. And to be able to spend one more day in serenity, it'd be more than an honour.

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I wasn't able to finish reading the book on the practice of Medicine Buddha lent by my Guru. Just roughly read through the introduction as to how the practice should be, enforcing what Venerable Sonam-la had taught me earlier.

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And with that, we spent another night before coming back down to Samsara. As to why all those feelings came flushing back again, I have no idea. The heart ached more and more as we approached the city. I didn't know what to do but to remember what I was taught earlier. I watched my heart falling into tears once more.

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And I finally learnt how to embrace the past and appreciate what I have in hand. For all that I know, I am the Medicine Buddha, and I shall heal and help take away the pain of those who suffers around me, with the mind of sincerity.

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manglish said...

yes u will go on and heal ppl including urself :)

[SK] said...

great that you finally see the clear blue sky.. :)

TZ said...

dude, wanna to go there again?

Gratitude said...

You will do just fine, O' Blessed child of the healing lineage! ^_^


Twilight Zone said...

You said one deity came to visit in your earlier post.. Mana ada continue? You can always put aside all the modern medicine and heal the sick with your hands! Ven.Bong can do it! :)