Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On a Love Without Words

So here's a story.

Jason, mid late 20s, single, living alone. Everyday he woke up feeling bored and empty, unmotivated at all. He went to work feeling down and bored, and life was pretty uneventful. He longed for love everytime he saw other dating couples. Until one day, he looked out of his window and saw another girl working in the next building. The girl looked back. And they exchanged awkwards spies before finally the girl broke the ice and wrote some words on a piece of paper. "Take a photo."

Jason got agitated and looked around. The girl must've thought he's a pervert. Until finally, the girl wrote another phrase and showed him "Just kidding!"

That was how, Jason came to know Stacey. His life changed. He looked forward to each day at work. And they exchanged numerous texts through silent placards. Yet they never met up despite both of them work in the neighouring building.

Until one fine day, Jason wrote "Do you want to meet?"

Yet he was just too coward to show the paper and asked Stacey out. He contemplated. And when he was finally ready, Stacey walked out of the room before he could show her what he wrote. So he had to keep it for the next day. He was nervous and restless.

The next day arrived, and he ran to work. He rushed to his cubicle to find the shock of his life. Stacey was gone. He was devastated. He was depressed. And the replacing person in Stacey's room was a guy.

Jason returned to his old self. Miserable. Unmotivated. Bored with life.

One fine day, while working, light shone on his face. Reflections more likely. And before he knew it, he turned his head to find Stacey working in the upper floor of the same building.

"I got promoted!" Stacey wrote.

"We should celebrate!" Jason finally found excitement again.

"Absolutely!" Stacey replied.

And Jason finally pulled the courage to ask the question he had been supressing for so long. "Do you want to meet?"

Stacey turned her back, preparing to write the her answer.

"Thought you'd never ask." And smiled.

Jason ran out from his office and waited down by the road, looking forward to meet up with Stacey in real. When the pedestrian light finally turned green, the two met up in the middle of the road.

Jason was about to say something but he didn't know how to start off, Stacey hushed him before he could open his mouth to speak. She pulled out a piece of paper from her back.

If you're keen, watch the youtube video I've attached. "Signs" by Publicis Mojo, Auckland NZ, is one of the winners in the recent Cannes Lions.

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akatsukiotoko said...

I love this story!!!

KY said...

Wow, this is amazing. Thanks for sharing and I shall start looking out from my windows here for potential signs.

Medie007 said...

:) nice kan kan? :D

lols at KY.

bluesoul said...

it brightens up my noon! thanks!

[SK] said...

wow, this is beautiful~~ i like that.. :)


woah~ kind of sweet :)

KY said...

HELP!!! I'm so obsessed. I've just watched for 3rd times.

Medie007 said...

KY dear... it's okay. hahaha i watched the clip for about 5 times if i'm not mistaken too. i love the song! :D

Gratitude said...

I look out the window and see the next building amah cleaner. Not much chance to romance rite? :(

Medie007 said...

maybe amah's children lei. :P

Jerry said...

Very sweet video... If I was the man, I would be so happy cause the place is exchanged with a guy haha!!!

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jerry "pot mong" :P

vialentino said... internet here so slow...cant watch now...darn..u watch it 5 times...geng!

L M said...

very nice indeed =)